Washington Post: Grocery store worker lets autistic teen stock shelves, causing a ‘miracle in action’

Sid Edwards and his 17-year-old son Jack Ryan Edwards were walking through the dairy aisle at their local supermarket in Baton Rouge on Sunday when the teen suddenly stopped.

Jack Ryan, who has autism, was staring at the orange juice. Because of his autism, it wasn’t unusual for Jack Ryan to become fixated on different things. His father figured he wanted to buy juice.

The store employee at Rouses Supermarket, Jordan Taylor, noticed the same thing. He saw Jack Ryan staring.

So Taylor turned to the teen and offered him a bottle. No reaction.

Then it clicked for Taylor.

“Hey, do you want to help me?” Taylor asked, according to Edwards.

Jack Ryan, who is limited verbally, repeated, “Help me.”

So the employee and the teen carefully and methodically refilled the store’s dairy supply together for about half an hour.

Edwards took out his phone and started recording. In the video, Edwards can be heard saying, “I’m watching a miracle in action.”

Edwards knows a lot about autism, and he knows that most strangers he meets don’t understand his son, let alone go out of their way to connect with him.



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