The Hill: Study: Immigrants have lower health-care costs than people born in US

A new study finds that immigrants have lower health-care costs than people born in the United States, meaning they are likely helping support public health insurance programs like Medicare.

The report from researchers at Harvard Medical School and Tufts University examined all peer-reviewed studies since 2000 on immigrants’ health-care costs in the United States. It found that immigrants’ health-care expenditures were one-half to two-thirds those of people born in the U.S.

“Overall, immigrants almost certainly paid more toward medical expenses than they withdrew, providing a low-risk pool that subsidized the public and private health insurance markets,” the study states.

It comes as the Trump administration is reportedly considering new rules that would make it harder for legal immigrants to become citizens if they have used health-care programs like ObamaCare insurance or the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

The researchers found that immigrants make up 12 percent of the population but only account for 8.6 percent of total U.S. health-care spending.



KING: Seattle journalist summits Everest to raise money for cancer research

A Seattle-based biotech journalist who has written about cancer research for more than a decade has reached the top of Mount Everest to raise money for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Luke Timmerman last week became the first person to summit Everest in Fred Hutch’s ‘Climb to Fight Cancer.’

The conditions were perfect when Timmerman reached the top of the world. ‘We could see for probably 100 miles,’ said Timmerman.

‘There were not that many climbers the day we happened to summit, so we can just hang out, take some pictures, enjoy the view.’


AP FACT CHECK: Trump overstates progress on opioids

President Donald Trump is overstating progress against the opioid epidemic, claiming ‘the numbers are way down’ despite an increase of opioid-related deaths and overdoses in his first year in office.

A look at his comments during a political rally in Nashville on Tuesday night:

TRUMP: ‘We got $6 billion for opioid and getting rid of that scourge that’s taking over our country. And the numbers are way down. We’re getting the word out — bad. Bad stuff. You go to the hospital, you have a broken arm, you come out, you’re a drug addict with this crap. It’s way down. We’re doing a good job with it. But we got $6 billion to help us with opioid.’

THE FACTS: Opioid prescriptions are down; deaths and other indicators of the epidemic are up, according to the latest statistics, from 2017. And those developments have nothing to do with the $6 billion approved by Congress because that money is for this year and next.


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